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Borbede 168A Digital Multimeter 6000 Count DC AC Capacitance Resistance

Model Number 168A
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features


Product Description:


disposable cbd vape pen


Baish C1/C2 disposable CBD vape pen

Battery Capacity 

280/320mAh , 150-200puffs

Cartridge capacity


Cartidge resistance



Silver , black


Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass

oil hole





1. Can I vape e-Cigs anywhere?

Although Vaping is not the same as smoking; different states have certain laws which restrict the use of electronic cigarettes in public places such pubs, coffee shops, offices, airports, airplanes, etc.Please check the local laws and airlines about vaping!



2. I got my first e-Cigs Kit, what should I do next?

Please read the instruction manual contained on the box you received from us or see the .pdf files on each product page of the kit you purchased. Read instructions on how to:

·         Charge the ecigarettes / MOD,

·         Prime the coil atomizer,

·         Refill the tank,

·         Select the correct settings (Mode) which match the installed coil on your tank.

Vaping is a bit different from smoking, you need to draw slowly and lightly.Unlike cigarettes, a hard puff is not going to increase vapour production. Fill your mouth slowly, it can take from 3-5 seconds, inhale and immediately exhale. Sometimes you may need to take a couple primer puffs to get the flow going.


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Mar 12, 2020 — NO! You may not refill the disposable vape pen or cartridges that Try The CBD carries. The disposable vape pen is rechargeable, if the
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