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New ListingPen Holder Office Multifunctional Sundry Box Desktop Decoration Wooden Desktop

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Flavor Capacity


Puff Number

350 Puffs


Cotton Coil 1.8 Ω

Battery Capacity



Aluminum Alloy  Case




1. What is an Electronic Cigarette?

e Cigarettes are a battery powered device that look like a cigarette.e Cigs deliver an odorless vapor. e Cigarettes provide the test and a physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke.e-Cigs do not contain the 4000+ chemicals found on traditional cigarettes. No nicot, tobac, smoke, or combustion is involved.



2. How do Electronic Cigarette work?

Despite of many different designs, brands and prices, e-cigarettes or advanced personal vaporizers have common components and operates using the same principle.Components: Battery, tank (holds oil), atomizer (holds the resistance) and mouthpiece. Inhaling at the cartomiser or tanks mouthpiece activates a small switch (regulated by a microship) located in the battery (delivering power to the in-built atomizer), which rapidly heats up the e oil turning it into vapor.


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Mar 4, 2020 — Here is all you need to know about refillable vs. disposable vapes. Which should ... A refillable CBD vape pen, for example, is a vape pen which you can continuously refill with CBD e-juice after you have vaped its contents

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